Focusing On The Whole Lawn Care Picture

From each blade of grass to the flowers that grow in your garden, your landscaping affects the entire appearance of your home.

At Turf Science of Oklahoma, we not only care about how we can transform your yard into a picture perfect setting, but also how we can keep it that way. We provide exceptional landscaping services so you can be sure your turf will look outstanding all year long.

No matter the size of your yard or budget, we are committed to providing superior landscaping and lawn care services. We listen to your vision for what you want your lawn to look like, and devise a plan for making that dream a reality. At Turf Science of Oklahoma, we take pride in what each and every landscaping project, and are passionate about using our talents to give you the yard you’ve always wanted.


Stay on top your shrub’s growth this year. By trimming and pruning your shrubs, we can train your shrubs so they look full and compliment your landscaping all summer long.


Hate rocks, but need a top layer of insulation for specific areas in your yard? Mulching is one of the best things that you can do for your yard, especially in your garden. Reduce the weeds that pop up between your flowers and retain more water with this simple landscaping service.

Flower beds

Raised or not, adding flower beds to your landscaping can be all you need to make a difference everyone sees. Whether you would like brand new ones sculpted or just extra help maintaining the existing ones you have, Turf Science of Oklahoma can help.

Seasonal Cleanup

As summer begins to heat up, muddy messes left behind from winter are exposed. Seasonal cleanup, whether it’s preparing your yard for the winter or cleaning up what has been left behind, ensures your turf looks spectacular no matter what time of year it is.


There is nothing worse than having to rake your yard only to turn around and see more leaves back on the ground. Let our landscaping pros take care of the fall hassles for you so you can enjoy the beautiful colors and joyous season.

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