Lawn Care Customized To Your Needs

No two yards have the exact same needs; even your next door neighbors can have different turf problems and varying landscaping conditions then you do.

As one of Oklahoma City’s most trusted landscape companies, Turf Science of Oklahoma knows that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to lawn care. Our landscape contractors will take care of you, customizing each service to fit your specific turf needs.

When you need a landscape company, why not work with a team of experts who are dedicated to making your individual turf the best that it ever has been?

Our Landscaping Company Offers Blade-To-Blade Care

Whether you have turf problems that return every year or are looking for more of a routine service, our landscaping company is dedicated to providing you with the means to the lawn of your dreams. Our years of experience and knowledge give us the upper hand when it comes to diagnosing what may be wrong with your turf and how to change it.

Unlike other landscaping companies in the Oklahoma City area, we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of our customers’ lawns on an individual basis, customizing services and care plans specifically to you. We take our time to perform an in-depth diagnosis of your yard’s current condition, taking note of brown areas, bare spots, and discolored sections, properly suggesting what is causing your problems and giving you a customized solution.

When we are your landscaping company, you can trust that our professional team will aid in transforming your turf into the lush, green, landscape you have always wanted.

For a customized list of services, contact us today!