dreamstime_xxl_35740349The Truth About Outdoor Pest Control

When you see brown patches and bare spots in your turf, you may automatically assume it has to do with watering and the nutrition that your grass is receiving. Incomplete landscape maintenance can sometimes be to blame, but many times these areas are a sign that there is a bigger, more serious problem at hand.

If you notice these signs, contact the lawn care services experts at Turf Science of Oklahoma right away! The sooner you let us investigate your problem, the better chance we have at saving your precious turf and repairing your lawn to the beautiful landscape that you desire.

One of the biggest problems that many Oklahomans see in their turf is bugs! Some bugs are good for your soil, while others can take their toll, destroying your careful landscape maintenance efforts!

Don’t Let Pests Destroy Your Turf!

Whether it’s white grubs, billbugs, mole crickets, or cutworms, we have the lawn care service skills needed to take care of the problem. Our customers are our number one priority at Turf Science of Oklahoma. We never want to see you suffer because you didn’t know that pest infiltrated your yard!

Properly ridding you of all your pest problems, we then repair your grass that is damaged, providing expert lawn care services and re-seeding when necessary.

For your outdoor pest control solution, contact us today!