Treatment that works.

Turf Science of Oklahoma understands how hard it can be to keep your yard healthy and weed-free. With our treatment processes, you can rest assured that your turf will not only look radiant, but have all the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy all year long.

When it comes to treating your yard, we take a look at what the underlying problems may be and select products that we know are right for you. We use commercial grade products and top-of-the-line solutions so that your grass can have the upper hand that it needs to stay green and luxurious.


Many people do not know with right time to fertilize their turf. If you do not properly fertilize your turf you are failing to give it the nutritional support it needs. Our team of experts takes into consideration specific type and existing condition of your turf, providing you with a fertilization plan that’s sure to transform your yard. The healthier your turf is, the fewer issues you will have further down the road.

Weed control

Have you ever tried those store brand products to get rid of your weeds? You follow the directions word for word, but often see no lasting results in return for your hard-earned money. Instead of wasting your time trying product after product, why not hire the professionals who have what you need to get rid of your weeds once and for all? The sooner that you call us, the better chance we have to stop the spread of more weeds. With quick action, we can rid you of your annoying problem right away.